Solve Your Gnarliest Business Problems In Just 30 Minutes By Borrowing My Brain

Got a tricky problem you just can't fix? Or a question you've been going over... and getting nowhere?

Sometimes you're too close. Can't see the clownfish for the anemones, right? Sometimes you need someone else to bounce in and take a look.

A wise man once said, "If you keep doing the same things you've always done, you'll keep getting the same results you've always got." It's true. So if you want to make a change – whatever it might be – get a different perspective.

Get my perspective.

Now you can Borrow My Brain for 30 minutes on Skype and I'll give you the (helpful) kick up the arse you need to regain your momentum.

Ask me anything about marketing and running a business. Anything at all. We’ll spend 30 minutes talking through your challenge and come up with a bunch of ideas and actions you can take to solve it.

And what’s the investment for access to my skills, knowledge, experience, and crazy (but practical and profitable) ideas for 30 minutes? Just £250 (+VAT if you’re in the UK). For my entire brain!

Borrow My Brain!

Oh and guess what?

I’ll give you an mp3 recording of the call, too. For you to listen to again and again until the heat death of the universe (or until you get sick of the sound of my voice, whichever comes first).

Because I know what it’s like: you have a great conversation with someone, you learn a ton of useful stuff and get a bazillion great ideas, and a definite place to start, then you get back to your office and…





You forget the good stuff. That won’t happen here, amigo. No siree. You get the recording of the call all to yourself, for ever.

So, my fine feathered business superhero, you might be wondering what I can help you with. Anything at all – stuff like:

* How to stand out in a sea of sameness
* How to generate new leads in this ever-busier world of ours
* Reawakening a sleepy list
* Prioritising the stuff that's going to make you the most money (and smiles)
* You're getting clicks and leads, but they're not buying from you
* You're stuck in a rut – your business is doing okay, but you don't know how to expand or what to do next
* You know you have a great product but for some reason, people aren't buying

When I get my brain on your problem, I'll be able to show you exactly what you can do next to solve your problem – in enough detail to make it simple and do-able.

Simply click the button below, follow the simple on-screen instructions, and I’ll get you all booked in.

Borrow My Brain!

Simple, easy and scheduled to suit both of us...

As soon as you’ve told me who you are and transferred some cash, you’ll go to my booking page. Here’s what happens next:

  1. You click on the Calendly link and go to my Borrow My Brain booking page.

  2. Choose your date.

  3. Choose your time-slot.

  4. Tell me your name and ask your question.

  5. Hit the button, and wait.

  6. You’ll get an email confirming your appointment – please add it to your calendar.

  7. You’ll get two email reminders: one 24 hours before our call, and the other 30 minutes before the call.

After the call, I’ll send you an email with a link to the recording.

Sounds good? Good.

Talk soon!


PS If you ask me something I can’t answer, I’ll cancel the appointment and refund your payment… and I’ll point you in the direction of someone who can help.

And if we talk and you don't think our session was worth many times your investment, just let me know why and I'll either schedule another session with you to fix it, or refund every penny.

So hit the button, ask me anything, and let's get working!

Borrow My Brain!

PPPS Julian’s borrowed my brain for 30 minutes. I asked him what he’d got out of it, what results he’d had. Here’s what he said:
“Tough question to answer. On one hand it’s early days, as the stuff we talked about can’t be implemented in a day (or even soon). On the other hand, talking to you has very much changed the way I look at the problem (scaling my business). I can see now that the thing that was preventing me from going forward was not thinking outside of the box. I was too focused on doing more of what I’m already doing, and not looking for other (easier to scale) opportunities.

“I really liked having you do the thinking for me and walking away with specific, actionable ideas. If you’ve got a problem in your business that you’re not sure how to solve, talk to Vicky.

“Oh, and I was pretty impressed that you seemed to have thought about my question ahead of time and prepared answers.”

And here’s what Dom – one of my Inner Circle Members – said when he heard about it:
“Peeps should jump on this like a Labrador on a gravy bone. I feel very lucky to have access to you through the inner circle so I hope peeps use you and then want more of you! In a non weird way…”

Borrow My Brain!