Want an extra 20 hours a month?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is... identify your mission. Because if you don't have a mission, you're drifting aimlessly along, taking customers here and there, but never really getting anywhere. Today, I want you to think – really think – about why you're doing what you do. Not just why your [...]

Ready to stop drowning? Read this

I used to have a recurring dream about being swept away by a tsunami. We'd be on a beach, the waves would be doing their thing... Until one moment, the waves would recede down the beach -- and keep going. And going. And going. The beach would stretch out further and further away, exposing rocks [...]

All hail the bullshit bingo meter: good things come to those who wait. Ever wanted to bitch-slap people who come out with that inanity? Yep, me too.  I want to shriek "NO NUMBNUTS GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WORK FOR THEM" But like all clichéd inanities, there's some truth in it. Patience is a [...]

Remove spike from butt and STAND OUT

What lengths would you go to, to fit in? Are you like this puffin?  *disclaimer* I have no idea if the following story is actually true, but it made me laugh and cry. *disclaimer ends* So, biologists wanted to reintroduce puffins to the islands of the east coast of the USA. Puffins are really social [...]

That’s not how this works…

Business is not the same as pizza. But looking at the way business owners behave, you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise.  See, when you take a slice of pizza, there's less pizza left for everyone else. When you earn a big fee in your business... There's plenty for everyone else too. I'm a copywriter, so [...]

Maybe they’re right about you…

"Your little business looks like fun, but when are you going to get a real job?" The words twist in your gut, because secretly, you've asked yourself the same question, haven't you?  All those sideways looks from well-meaning friends and family, worrying that you won't make it, wondering what you're doing and why you don't [...]

No unicorn farts or arse glitter here

Sometimes, when you've been drinking your friends exciting homebrew liqueurs, something real happens to make you cry. And it's not the UK's Eurovision entry.  Nope, this is a happy cry. Because on Saturday night, this arrived in my inbox: "Been contemplating life whilst in the bath with a glass of Guiness, and just finishing Dan [...]

Why I’m self-massaging right now

Busting out moves on the pole doesn't come easy. In fact, it's damn hard.    Requires patience, hard work, and a good teacher... And dedication. Which is why I'm having a private lesson each week with Annie, my Pole Witch Superteacher. Today she had me working on my muscle-up, which is as difficult as it [...]

Dropping a value bomb on yo’ ass

Today I'm giving you a little nugget of pure gold. Way more value than I should give away free... and it doesn't happen often. So listen up. Come closer. Pull up a chair... And I'll tell you a tale of lost money and easy wins. I had an accountant. A firm of accountants, in fact, [...]

"Now. I want it now now now NOW!" WTF? Are you a toddler?  Toddlers have no impulse control. Donald Trump has no impulse control. But you and me? We should be able to exercise a little patience... The modern world is awesome, but it has a lot to answer for. Immediate information is great... but [...]

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