Episode 67: Sleep Deprived and Making Cash

I've just came back from Cleveland and am completely knackered. Why did I go to Cleveland? To see Dan Kennedy, of course! If you don’t know who he is, well, simply put, he’s a genius who has been in the marketing/copywriting industry for the last 40 years. I discuss some of the takeaways I learned [...]

The stinking circle-jerk of doom

"AHHHHHHHHHHH! OH YESSSSSSSS!" Behold the sound of a bazillion wannabes having a little moment over the latest guru pronouncements on InstaBookApp.  They stare, transfixed, at a copied-and-pasted quote lovingly overlaid on a pretty background and get a little hit of happiness. It feels just like doing something. Plus, they've killed another five minutes not actually [...]

Episode 66: Free is for Fools

Joe and I discuss why free is for fools. When you price yourself on the range of ‘free’, your potential clients are also going to treat you like you’re ‘free’. For example, one of my Inner Circle members had the unfortunate event of experiencing a nasty potential client walk all over her. Busy people will [...]

I'm back from Ireland this week and with Joe again! Today’s discussion dives into introverts vs. extroverts. Do introverts run better businesses than extroverts? Do they sell better products? Do extroverts get paid more because of their more outgoing personality? Let’s find out!   Subscribe to The Business For Superheroes Show on iTunes or on Stitcher Radio. The RSS feed is here. [...]

Kim Krause Schwalm is a direct response copywriter and overall powerhouse of fantastic information for women in copy. She has lead a very successful career in corporate before transitioning into freelance writing. As an A-list copywriter, this is  a show you don’t want to miss.   Subscribe to The Business For Superheroes Show on iTunes or on Stitcher Radio. The [...]

Episode 63: That’s Not How This Works…

I received an email judging my ‘unprofessional’ use of profanity like the word ‘vagina’. Ignoring the logistics of whether or not that word is a ‘bad word’, I discuss why these letters are important! What can we learn about vaginagate?   Subscribe to The Business For Superheroes Show on iTunes or on Stitcher Radio. The RSS feed is here. [2:10] Vicky [...]

When all you ever see is successful people bleating about how they "always knew they'd be successful" and "you just have to think positive" and other such bollocks, it's disheartening. Especially when your latest marketing idea has bombed and you need to get more customers in the door.  So it's deeply refreshing when you hear [...]

Episode 61: The Procrastination Station

If you struggle with procrastination, then this episode is for you! How can we work towards productivity and leave procrastination in the dust? Reward yourself whenever you complete a task. It has nothing to do with needing stronger will power, but everything to do with how you get compensated for the task. We are all [...]

The best people to do business with are those who like you and are similar to you. This means that there are people out there who won’t like you, who aren’t similar to you, and it’s completely okay to piss them off! You have to narrow down on your avatar, but this is something business [...]

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