There is no Joe for this week’s episode! BUT! I  did invite two fascinating guests onto the show, Lin Armstrong and Lucy Read from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Why? Because charity! In this week’s episode, we learn about how businesses can create a mutually beneficial partnership with their charity of choice and give back [...]

It’s a new year! Woohoo! Joe and I cover the top ten most popular resolutions in this week's episode. One common theme among all of them? They’re too vague! If you want to kick your butt in high gear this year and get your goals in order, you’ll need to be specific. Extremely specific.   [...]

Joe and I discuss five ways, maybe six ways (shh, it’s a secret), on what you can do RIGHT NOW to grow your business. It first begins with mindset and then it snowballs from there. Don’t let your negative and poor thoughts hold you back from achieving a buzzing business.   Subscribe to The Business For [...]

I am joined by Joe for this special Christmas Edition episode. In light of the holidays, I dive deep into why your New Year’s Resolutions suck and are simply not working! Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, I offers 7 quick tips on how you can carry on in spite of hardship and make your goals a [...]

It’s towards the end of the year and I encourage everyone not to slow down! This is the perfect time to get stuff done. You’d actually be surprised by how many things you can accomplish by intensely focusing on them in the next two weeks. Also, stop setting New Year’s Resolutions. They don’t work!   [...]

It’s nearing the end of the year! I share some examples of what companies are doing during the holiday season to generate buzz with their customers. I also discuss creative ways you can leverage the holidays for business purposes and offers suggestions on how you can reward some of your fabulous clients too!   Subscribe [...]

I invite Rob Drummond to demystify what this whole CRM (Customer Relationship Management) business is about. What CRM should you get and why? Rob is a big fan of Infusionsoft, but he understands quite well how quickly you can get distracted by the ‘extensiveness’ of it. Before you get involved with a CRM system, listen [...]

Episode 50: Shock & Awe!

Are you glad Joe and I are no longer talking about hostage negotiations? Well, if you still have withdrawals, you can download my hostage negotiation PDF! Link in the resources! On this week’s episode, we discuss why you should send gifts in your direct-mail marketing campaigns and how to create shock & awe with your [...]

Episode 49: Come Out With Your Hands Up

Joe and I are celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary today and that means more alcohol on this special occasion! And finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, I discuss the 5th and final stage of their hostage negotiation series. In fact, you can download a free PDF on this very subject to get a [...]

Joe and I have just got back from my Who Are You event last week! It was exciting, but don’t worry if you missed it, I'm planning on hosting another one in the spring. Stay tuned for that! Joe and I continue their FBI hostage negotiation discussion and are now on step 4—influence! Most people skip the first [...]

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