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To help you achieve all that amazing stuff I’ve just mentioned, I will lavish these things on you each month:

  1. A 12-page printed newsletter stuffed with marketing lessons developed specifically for the entrepreneur who constantly battles daily time-vampires, who struggles to stay ahead of a self-imposed to-do list of shit, who needs to escape the Poundland “quantity over quality” mentality and who desperately needs to rid themselves of the “yes-but…” people.
  2. A monthly Challenge designed to get you actually using the incredibly profitable wisdom you’re soaking up, so you can start seeing positive results and profits from your efforts right away.
  3. A live one-hour call with me every month — we’ll dive deep into a single topic on marketing, copywriting, or running a business — or you’ll get an interview with one of my expert contacts who’ll share their knowledge exclusively with you — with an opportunity to ask me any questions you like at the end of the call. These calls are worth £250 each — and you get them included in your membership. Plus, you get access to the recordings online for as long as you’re a Member.
  4. Personalised video critiques of your marketing gubbins: send me anything, from sales letters to emails to websites to adverts, and I’ll go through it in minute detail. I’ll show you how to make more of what’s working, and how to cut the stuff that’s not. I’ll even offer strategy direction and help you formulate a simple Action Plan to get results. These critiques are worth £495 each — and you get as many as you like for as long as you’re a Member.
  5. Access to a mini-mastermind of like-minded ambitious, talented business owners who’ll generously share their experience, wisdom, and knowledge with you. This isn’t just about giving you tools and techniques. It’s about building a community of business owners who want to do better. We share wins, losses, tales of mirth and woe, and generally have each others’ backs.
  6. Achievement Friday every week: I’ll share my wins and goals with you, and you share yours with the rest of us. If you write it down in public, you’ll be more likely to follow through… and of course, you’ll get support, encouragement, and extra nuggets of advice.
  7. Inside the Big Top: exclusive Members-Only access to the Superheroes Vault, filled with treasure designed specifically to help you write better copy, put together more effective campaigns, and be more productive. You get access to all the call recordings (plus transcripts), all video critiques I’ve ever done (there are 100s of them) and a whole boatload of extra bonus material including my email marketing mini-course (altogether worth more than £300).
  8. Members-only special offers: I look after my Superheroes, and they’re the only ones who ever get special rates on my stuff. All Members in good standing automatically receive a whopping 25% discount on my products, courses, and events — saving you £100s (and giving you access to stuff that’s not just profitable, it’s bloody good fun too).

To reluctantly quote a recent UK political slogan, we really are better together. Fuck the sniping and ring fencing and back-biting and boasting and grandstanding.

Instead, let’s stand together and rock the small business world.

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