Small Business Owners: Want To Grow Your Business... Fast?

Ever wished there was a manual for the kind of stuff that really happens when you first start a business? You know, the frenzied work on everything that comes your way, the dry-mouthed panic during the fallow times, the crushing despair as you realise running a business never ever stops?

Yeah, me too. So I wrote one.

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When I first started my business…

…I wished there was some kind of blueprint for clumsy, flawed business owners with big ideas, a great work ethic, and no real clue about what they were actually doing.

You know, something that didn’t claim that ‘just a few simple tricks’ would solve all your cashflow problems and make you a business goddess – or god – overnight.

Something that didn’t assume that just because you’re good at the thing you do (in my case, writing) that riches would follow like ants at a picnic.

This is that book. It’s a complete guide, warts and all, to how I’ve grown my business from scraping along the bottom trying to escape the pondlife to six figures and beyond in just six months.

In essence, it’s the lazy tramp’s guide to getting a bucketload more done than you ever thought possible, despite the fact that you’d rather stay in bed and eat biscuits.

Okay, don’t let the cape and boots fool you: I’m not really an actual superhero looking to take over the world (except in my head). But I do want to help you don your own business cape, start taking control of your business, and begin to see the profits you deserve.

After all, if I can do this, you certainly can.

You’ll get the unvarnished, dirty truth about what it takes to go from struggling to comfortable – and beyond – without any of the bollocks you so often get from business books. There’s no looking back on those early days of business from an ivory tower, rose tinting the whole process, and forgetting about those times when you had to choose between buying that training course and eating something other than beans on toast.

Nope: I’ve laid my whole journey bare for you. From uttering the immortal words, “You can’t fire me because I quit!” right up to hitting six figures and breathing a sigh of relief, it’s all here. You won’t find any whitewashing over the times when I’ve sat hyperventilating because I couldn’t pay the bills.

You won’t have to suffer any lies about how ‘wonderful’ it all was.

No: I’ll give you the honest stories about taking any job that came my way, leaving my dignity in shreds at the door, and seriously considering aiming a rocket launcher at a dickhead.

Just a balls-out, roller-coaster tale of what I did to grow my business – and how you can do it too.

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