£6,000 to invent time travel?

Somebody offered my husband the princely sum of $6,000 to invent time travel.

Doctor Who's Tardis

Work with clients who value you, not ones who expect you to achieve the impossible.

I think if he were going to invent time travel, he’d be charging a hell of a lot more than six grand. Am I right? Damn right.

The whole tale made me chuckle, to be honest. Someone hadn’t put a purchase order in when he should have, despite weeks of prompting, so the project couldn’t get started. There was a hefty up-front cost, and like me, Joe doesn’t start work until there’s a guarantee of getting paid for it.

Thing is, though, it’s not physically possible to do the work in the time they want now, and all the money in the world won’t make it possible. The only way to make it possible is to invent time travel. And I’m not Doctor Who or anything, but I suspect inventing time travel might require more resources than £6,000 will buy…

It reminded me of something else, though, this whole sorry tale. Two things, in fact.

The first is this: poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

It used to. I used to clear up my clients’ messes for them when I was younger and less confident and desperate for any jobs that would come my way. Now don’t misunderstand me, I’ll go out of my way to help my clients out, but I don’t do it out of some sense of obligation and I don’t do it out of guilt or coercion, and I certainly don’t do it for free.

I work with people who understand my value to them. You should too.

The other thing it reminded me of was this: you can’t have top quality, fast, AND cheap. Pick one.

So many people want the best, as fast as possible, for rock-bottom prices. Not possible. Remember that. If someone wants to work with you badly enough, they’ll be willing to pay your fees. It’s not about manipulation. It’s about valuing yourself and working with people who value you.

If your clients and customers don’t value you, why do you want them?

Chapter 4 in my book, Business For Superheroes, talks all about how to stop working with awful clients and how to attract great ones. Not just ones who’ll pay you more, but ones who are a pleasure to work with, who you look forward to talking with. That’s even more important than high fees, because if you hate your clients you’ll hate your business, and then you might as well just get a crap job.

Get yourself a copy of my book here, read Chapter 4 and read it well, and start looking for better clients. Then start really growing your business.



Vicky Fraser is a copywriter, author, and entrepreneur. She really did run away with the circus… but when she’s not swinging from a trapeze, she’s showing other copywriters and small business owners how to work with better clients, make more money, and stop missing bathtimes, first words, and dinners with angry partners. In fact, she wrote the book on it. Get your copy here.

PS If you read, digest, and take action on my book you will start transforming your business for the better. You’ll be less stressed, you’ll enjoy your life more, and you’ll make more money. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Get your copy here.

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