Business lessons from the Scooters of Maximum Power

The first half of the battle is getting your head in the right place. Mindsets. Perceptions.

Not any of that motivational bobbins the self-help goo-roos shriek about, with primal screams and that kinda stuff. I mean, if that’s your bag, no problem. Go scream in the woods (just spare a thought for the poor squirrels). 

Squirrel leaping through trees

Get your business mindset right before you take any leaps of faith.

No, I mean just the ordinary, mundane, everyday mindsets and perceptions we have of what we’re doing, how, and why.

I realised this when I was on holiday, puttering along at a blistering 40kph on my little Scooter of Maximum Power. Wearing shorts and a vest top, trainers, and no helmet.

Because in Kalymnos, that’s the way you roll.

I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of getting on a two-wheeled vehicle dressed like that in the UK. Not for a second. No, sireeeee.

But as soon as we arrived in Kalymnos, it was like flipping a switch in your brain. Everything changed. Suddenly, there was no need for helmets and protective gear. Not even long sleeves. But why?

Well, partly because we’d die of heat stroke if we tried to wear ‘sensible’ bike gear.

Partly because there’s very little traffic on Kalymnos and it’s mostly very chilled out.

And partly because the Scooters of Maximum Power struggle to get above 60kph (which admittedly is plenty enough to leave your skin all over the road should you have a spill).

But mostly because that’s just what people do there. You see whole families on one little scooter, plus all their shopping. The local kids ride three abreast having shouted conversations at little more than walking pace. And the tourists wobble around looking mildly alarmed. Unless they’re familiar with two-wheels, in which case they’re competent but terrified.

Why terrified?

Because you’re never really in control of a scooter. You just ride them based on gravity and hope. It’s funny and alarming all at the same time. You open the accelerator and the scoot thinks about it for a few seconds, then decides to engage the clutch. Putputputput and off you go. It’s a bit like Russian roulette: will I get up this hill? Will I? Maybe… YES!

Anyway, my point is this: get your head in the right place. Before you start to take any action at all. Because if you go at it half-arsed, you’ll struggle and probably fail.

So decide who you are. On what terms you want to run your business. What your rules are, personal and otherwise. Then make it so.

If you’re not sure what I’m on about, get yourself a copy of my book, Business For Superheroes. You can buy the hard copy, or the Kindle copy. Then study Chapter 4 in great detail.



PS One of the guys who’s read my book asked me a question: how to deal with people whose first question is “How much is it?” My answer? Don’t. They’re not the right clients and they’re unlikely to be so. They have the wrong mindset. How can I tell you how much something is when I don’t know what you need? I can’t. Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice. And those who ask “how much is it?” before anything else are cheapskate pricebuyers and you don’t need them.

Read Chapter 4 of Business For Superheroes to discover what I mean. Paperback or Kindle; your choice.

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