Why goats have octopus eyes

Have you ever looked closely at a goat? If you have, you’ll have noticed they have strange eyes.

Close-up of horned goat with yellow eyes

Look into my eyes….you will write your own book!

Octopus eyes. 

Yep: goats have the same eyes as octopodes.

And my husband has a theory about this.

There are a lot of goats on Kalymnos, and they mooch around all over the place. When they suspect you might have a sandwich in your backpack, they’re friendly as friendly can be.

“Oh, hello!” they say. “I heard you might have a sandwich. Or a boiled egg. Or a banana. If you’re not eating them, I can help!”

There’s lots of opportunity to study goats closely on Kalymnos, and Joe has, because they freak him out a bit.

He reckons that goat eyes aren’t goat eyes at all; that, in fact, they’re actual octopus eyes. Joe’s theory is that goats are, in fact, landing craft for octopodes. So they can come out onto dry terrain and go about whatever business it is that octopodes do.

His hypothesis is that if you apply a tin opener to a goat’s head and flip it open, you’ll find an octopus inside, pulling levers.

I have forbidden him from opening up a goat to find out, but I like the idea.

Very Men In Black.

It wouldn’t surprise me, because octopodes are extraordinarily intelligent so you never know what they might get up to with goats when nobody’s looking…

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