And so the nonsense begins…

So, in October the Government finally introduced the long-overdue 5p carrier bag charge…

White canvas bag with the slogan "Don't Panic!"

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And the nonsense began.  

The media was full of ridiculous stories:

As the plastic bag charge comes into force in England, the nation has been warned of the “chaos” that will ensue as confused shoppers will have to fork out a whole 5p for each carrier bag…

“…But skeptics are panicking that families will not be able to afford the sheer cost of having to pay 5p for each bag every time they shop.”

(That’s from the Huffington Post.)

Really? Chaos?

And are people really worrying that “poor” families won’t be able to afford the “sheer cost” of 5p a bag for their shopping?

Do you know what the answer to that is? Take your own fecking bag. Or a box. It’s not difficult, is it?

In fact, supermarkets should really be making their cardboard boxes and crates available, because they only get squashed and recycled anyway.

Why does this type of thing attract such hyperbole and hysteria?

This is a good thing. A good thing for the planet, and for the people on it.

So there’ll be a bit of annoyance while people learn, Pavlovian-style, to take bags with them when they go shopping? So what.

All those precious little snowflakes who have a “right” to free carrier bags…

And all those wuss-out, mush-cookie retailers who should have been charging (far more than) 5p a bag for years now… it would have become normal, and they’d have stood out for being responsible retailers.

Anyway, all that stupidity and whining aside, that’s not my point. My point is this: if ever there was a brilliant time to do a lumpy mail campaign to your customers and prospects, now is it.

Tie your campaign into helping them save a little cash every time they shop, and send them a lovely canvas shopping bag, emblazoned with your details. They’ll thank you for it, and think of you — and advertise you — every time they shop.

Wish I’d thought of it myself. In fact…

Anyway — my friend Mo at Club Row Creations has a whole bunch of reusable shopping bags you can get customised. Head on over there, give him a shout, and he’ll help you choose.

(I’m not the only one who thinks he’s great, by the way – here’s what one of my subscribers emailed to me this morning:

“Hello Vicky,

“I do love it when things just happen – what are you talking about I hear you cry. I was just about to research USB sticks for a client and your email dropped in so I got in touch with Mo! What a very lovely man, great service and I haven’t even placed an order yet!!

“Thank you



You’re welcome 🙂

So get in touch with Mo, get your bags sorted, then get writing a great letter.

And if you need help with the follow up— read my book, Business For Superheroes, you can get your copy here.



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