Get your cow magnets to prevent bovine traumatic reticuloperitonitis

So, cow magnets are a thing. 

Blue sky and black and white cow close-up

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I was out the other night with Joe and a few Members of my Inner Circle for cocktails and a very good curry, and among the many random topics of conversation that came up was…

Cow magnets.

At first I thought Joe was pulling my leg (he does that a lot).

But no! They’re a thing.

Farmers feed their cows, especially their dairy cows, magnets to prevent “hardware disease”. Or, more properly and more pithierly, “bovine traumatic reticuloperitonitis”.

Which is an illness caused when the poor cows inadvertently eat sharp pieces of metal that’s lying around in their grass. Some of the metal comes from those awful Chinese lanterns (if you’re ever tempted to send them up because they’re pretty, just don’t. They’re awful for the environment and for wildlife) and some of it is just lying around, I guess. Bits of broken farm machinery. Bits of random crap.

The metal shrapnel settles in the reticulum (part of the alimentary canal in ruminants) and can irritate or penetrate the lining, mostly of dairy cattle but sometimes in beef cattle. Funnily enough, it’s mostly cows that suffer from this. It’s rare that you see it in other ruminants.

Cows often eat non-food stuff because they don’t use their lips to tell the difference between food and not-food, and they don’t chew completely before they swallow, so nails and wire and other bits and bobs get in there, then get pushed into the reticulum with the rest of their lunch… which is where it stays, or — very painfully — gets pushed through the reticulum wall into the peritoneal cavity, where it causes severe inflammation.

It can even make it into the heart sac *shudder*.

Apparently it’s pretty difficult to diagnose and, as with most other stuff, prevention is better than cure. So farmers feed their cows magnets before they reach the age of one. Then anything metallic the cow eats attaches to the magnet and just stays there, without causing hardware disease.

So there you go. Cow magnets.

Which are a preventative rather than a cure.

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