Episode 1: Marketing Is Not A Dirty Word

Welcome to the first Business for Superheroes Show Podcast. Today I am joined by my husband Joe.

Going back to the beginning of my business after I quit my job, I found myself feeling stressed about being “totally unemployable”. I was lucky to receive an offer to do some freelance work, but my method of getting new customers was to hope someone turned up or to hope that I got a recommendation. This strategy turned out to be very stressful for me.

I was doing really hard work for very little in return, and it was swapping time for money, but there is only so much of that one can do. I decided that enough was enough.

On this podcast for small business owners and other creative professionals, I share valuable insights on becoming a successful copywriter and business owner. Today I will discuss marketing from a fresh and straightforward perspective.

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Key Points

  • [2:10] Joe remembers thinking that Vicky could look for a job and take all the freelance work that comes her way
  • [2:32] Getting new clients was exciting but it was difficult because it paid horrible money
  • [3:52] She decided enough was enough
  • [4:10] This podcast is for any small business owner
  • [4:26] And for other creative professionals such as designers, translators, editors, etc.
  • [4:46] Are you really making as much money as you want? Are your clients the upper echelons of clients who pay you top dollar on time, and are a pleasure to work with?
  • [5:13] If you’re not getting top tier clients, then you are where she was a few years ago
  • [6:02] First thing she did was to learn how to do copywriting, well
  • [7:14] On today’s episode, Vicky will talk about marketing
  • [8:03] How do we make more money? Have more time off & be more fun to be around?
  • [9:00] Just because you’ve got a good product it does not mean it’s going to sell
  • [9:06] Difference between a successful and an unsuccessful business is profitable marketing
  • [10:29] The first big thing you need to get your head around: you are in the marketing of whatever industry you are in
  • [11:19] Find out what people want and need, and give it to them
  • [12:25] Another big misconception about the basic principles of marketing
  • [13:04] Is your marketing bringing you any results? Do you know if it is?
  • [14:09] Direct response marketing for small business

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