Episode 3: Why You Need To Find Your Niche

On today’s show, I will talk on the benefits of finding a niche for your business and how it can be highly profitable to do so. Finding a niche can also be mutually beneficial for your business and for your customers. I will also touch on other ways you can think about a niche and share examples on how you can identify it.  

On this podcast for small business owners and other creative professionals, I share valuable insights on becoming a successful copywriter and business owner.

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Key Points

  • [01:13] Why does Vicky think Japan is a splendid place?
  • [03:00] Why chewing gum is not welcomed in Japan?
  • [04:22] How would you sell chewing gum in Japan?
  • [05:24] The creator of Hi-Chew found a highly profitable niche.
  • [06:02] Joe talks about his company’s niche.
  • [08:15] You can also think of a niche as doing something no one else can do. 
  • [10:23] Still wondering why you should choose a niche?
  • [11:40] As a small business, you can’t compete with the mass market companies.
  • [12:00] A story about Levi Straus that is a good example of finding a niche.
  • [16:14] The point of the Levi Strauss story…
  • [17:56] Do not try to reach as many people as possible because of a low conversion rate.
  • [18:52] You’ll get a much better ROI if you find a niche.
  • [19:19] Joe looks at a niche from the customer point of view.
  • [21:27] Find your niche. Don’t go after everybody!
  • [22:58] What if you’re not a marketing professional like Vicky?
  • [23:42] You’ve got to identify your niche within your market.  

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