Episode 5: Storyselling

On this episode of the Business for Superheroes Podcast, I am joined by my husband Joe to talk about ‘storeyselling’, because the secret of selling has always been “a damn good story”. I will share my insights on why stories are so powerful and why it’s essential to use them in all of your marketing.   

On this podcast for small business owners and other creative professionals, I share valuable insights on becoming a successful copywriter and business owner.

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Key Points

  • [1:51] Vicky shares some of her favorite storybooks.
  • [8:59] If you want people to remember stuff, tell them a story.
  • [12:32] We are interested in stories about people.
  • [13:55] Stories are really powerful. 
  • [15:25] Why are stories so powerful?
  • [17:38] Our brains are hard wired to respond to stories and we make decisions based on our emotional responses.
  • [21:40] Jennifer Aaker’s experiment demonstrates the importance of stories.
  • [23:14] Vicky’s suggestions on storytelling.
  • [25:19] Vicky’s inner-circle has access to her hour-long online tele-class on storytelling.

Mentioned in this Episode: www.businessforsuperheroes.com/inner-circle, Wired for Story by Lisa Crom, The Feeling of What Happens by Antonio Damasio, Jennifer Aarker, David Attenborough vs. George Monbiat www.tinyurl.com/bfs/hermetcrabs, “They Lived” – Subaru Commercial

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