Episode 8: Why You Need to Change Your Perspective on Time

This week, I invite my husband, Joe, on the show to discuss time and productivity. I would like to remind everyone that we all have the same amount of hours, minutes, and seconds in one day, so we have to make the most out of it. I emphasize the importance of focusing on marketing within your business as a way to truly make the most out of your time and live a better quality life.  

On this podcast for small business owners and other creative professionals, I share valuable insights on becoming a successful copywriter and business owner.

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Key Points

  • [1:35] You don’t have time? This is an EXCUSE! 
  • [5:50] Be honest, you do have time.
  • [6:25] You’re better off just saying ‘no’ instead of ‘I don’t have time’.
  • [10:25] Don’t have time to do marketing? Do you mean you’re just a little overwhelmed?
  • [11:10] Marketing is important.
  • [11:50] It can be a frustrating circle for a freelancer. 
  • [13:40] You can’t spend all of your time working, you need to eat, sleep, and spend time with your family.
  • [14:10] You owe it to yourself and your family to make time for marketing.
  • [14:30] Remember, not everything that happens to you is your fault.
  • [15:00] The little failures are the useful ones.
  • [17:35] Don’t feel bad about not being productive; however you do need to take responsibility for it.
  • [17:45] Sounds simple, but make a list of your tasks.
  • [20:20] Categorize your tasks as important, urgent, or not important.
  • [21:45] Outsource as much stuff as you can.
  • [23:15] Contact Vicky if you need a VA.
  • [23:40] You can’t outsource everything right away, so just pick something small.
  • [25:15] Buy Vicky’s book if you haven’t already and do the exercise in chapter three.
  • [26:00] You’re entitled to your time.
  • [27:10] Shout out to Podfly!  

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