Wait a minute… That’s no cigarette!

Every now and then I come across an advert that makes me go, “Ooh. That’s good.” Except… it’s missing a trick.

Advert about sugar using image of a cigarette made from sugar

A striking image and the potential to be a great advert. What’s missing?

This is one of those adverts: 

Eye-catching image: check. That’s a cigarette… wait a minute! That’s no cigarette!

Great copy, very well done. It’s clever without being clever. It makes its point extremely subtly, but not so subtly you don’t get it.

There are two things missing though: a headline, and actually that’s a pretty big downside because the danger with this ad is that people will glance at it and think “oh it’s another give up smoking ad and I don’t smoke.” They might notice it’s sugar… but they might not.

The other thing missing is a call to action.

You could argue it’s an awareness ad…

But I’d counter that argument with, “What a waste of a strong ad.” You’ve probably got and kept people’s attention, got them shifting uncomfortably – it certainly got me shifting uncomfortably because although I’m not a sugar fiend I eat far too much of it (like 99% of everyone in the western world).

After they’ve got me feeling uncomfortable, though… what then? It might bother me for another hour or so – until another butterfly comes along to distract me and I see a cake I want.

The time to ask for action is when you’ve fired up your reader’s emotions. Jolted them into an uncomfortable – or an aspirational – mood.


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