Episode 9: The Universe Doesn’t Care About You!

Along with my husband, Joe, I discuss big corporations dodging taxes and why the universe, in general, doesn’t care about you. I believe corporations try to dodge taxes due to them being a rather faceless entity with departments. If only they just put one person in charge of their taxes to have more accountability for their actions. I overheard on the radio that big corps are also destroying independent businesses and I expand further on the topic.  

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Key Points

  • [1:25] The universe doesn’t care about you.
  • [1:35] Vicky and Joe talk about big corporations dodging taxes.
  • [4:10] Would society work better if there were charities instead of taxes?
  • [4:25] There’s a lot of tax dodging from Amazon/Starbucks/Google/etc.
  • [4:55] Wouldn’t the government be better off trying to close the legal loopholes?
  • [5:45] Vicky believes corporations dodge taxes because they’re detached emotionally.
  • [6:50] Are the corporations who are dodging taxes, also destroying independent businesses?
  • [7:40] Vicky talks about an independent bookstore called Stephanie Books in London.
  • [12:15] Every customer is a lazy customer.
  • [15:05] Vicky talks about her local ski and sports shop. 
  • [20:35] Vicky is by no means rich, but she is busy and would pay to have some of her time freed up.
  • [24:05] How can you entice people away from big companies?   

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