Life lessons from a serial killer

Have you ever seen Dexter?

It’s an American TV series about a serial killer… but he only kills people who deserve it, who are killers themselves, and who have somehow got away with their crimes.

Polar bear in water with a present wrapped in gold wrapping paper and a silver ribbon

‘Unwrap’ each day in a good mood and you’ll enjoy it much more.

He sweeps up the dregs that fall through the cracks.


It’s actually a great series and very funny in places. Shocking in others. And it makes you think: are serial killers made or born? Or perhaps a little of both?

You see, Dexter’s mom was murdered in front of him when he was a toddler and he was found sobbing in a pool of her blood. That’s bound to fuck you up a little. Of course, not everybody who’s traumatised ends up a serial killer, and vice versa. But I’m gonna cut him a little slack. Particularly as he only offs the bad guys.

Anyway, we’re watching Season 7 at the moment and one of the characters made the observation that each day is like Christmas. It’s like a wrapped gift.

That character was a multiple murderer and chucked himself under a bus moments later, but let’s put that aside for now. Some of history’s most horrible figures can teach you a lot if you’re willing to listen.

Because each day is like a wrapped gift.

You might have a vague idea from the shape of it what’s inside… but there’s always a surprise. Always some detail you didn’t or couldn’t foresee.

And the manner in which you unwrap the gift often determines what you think of it.

Unwrap it grumpily, thinking it’s going to be a bit naff… and you’ll probably be disappointed. Or, rather, it’ll live down to your expectations.

But unwrap it with a smile on your face, and a little twinge of excitement, and you’ll likely be grateful. And enjoy it.

Just sayin’.



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