Introverts Unite!

“Well, I’m sort of a writer,” she said.

“I used to be a journalist. Now I’m an eco chicken farmer. I have 12,000 chickens.” 

Open book, figure sat reading underneath a tree with butterflies flying out of the book - all made out of the pages of the larger book.

The way to make your stories stand out is all in the little details.

And that’s why it’s good to go away on training courses and meet new people!

I went on a storytelling course in December and Sean and Renuka D’Souza, the organisers, have started holding a meet ‘n’ greet on the evening before a course starts. Although I was obviously terrified of attending – I did attend and it was great.

We wandered over to the course room to see where we’d be doing our storytelling stuff and my goodness what a beautiful building it was; our room was like a William Morris wet dream. Or, as one of the course members said, it was “like being inside a backgammon game”. It kind of was. And as for the rest of the building… well. Wait until tomorrow and I’ll share some of the photos I took with you.

Then we went off for dinner at a proper cosy bar for their beer of the week and a superb mushroomy veggie burger. And chips and mayonnaise, natch.

But the whole point of the exercise was so that we wouldn’t all walk into the room on the first day and feel awkward. We talked. We shared stories. We listened to each other.

Yep: it was an antisocial introvert’s nightmare…

And yet…

And yet. It was also very enjoyable because although I am an introvert and I am antisocial, I love meeting interesting, smart people who’ve lived and are living their lives.

There was the chicken lady, from a little town elsewhere in the Netherlands. A chap who does website stuff and is starting a content company because he’s fed up of poor quality writing. A crazy American-sounding lady from Geneva, who’s travelled tons. And a funny English guy who went to one of Amsterdam’s kilo shops, bought an amazecoat, and wore it out (he looked like he should have a fedora and a pimp stick and be singing bad karaoke in a smoky pub).

So I sat, and I ate good food, and I listened. And learned. And remembered.

And all those interesting details, I’ve stored up to share in future stories. Because that’s what makes stories great: the fascinating little details. Then you have to hold people’s interest.

Which is a wee bit tougher.

But I’ll share a few more insights tomorrow…

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