Episode 11: Let’s Talk About Anti-language and Secret Language

I talk about an article I read on the subject of Polari and this propels an interesting discussion between me and my husband Joe. I then goes deeper as to why slang matters in your industry, especially if you’re a copywriter or a business owner.  

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Key Points

  • [1:35] Vicky and Joe are looking to buy a house.
  • [2:10] This week’s episode is about anti-language.
  • [2:50] Vicky explains what Polari is.
  • [8:10] Did you have a secret language as a kid? Joe did!
  • [13:00] Why is understanding slang or anti-language so important in business?
  • [14:20] Vicky reads an excerpt from a book she has.
  • [15:20] Listen to your clients. Listen to how they talk to each other.
  • [17:10] You will be covered in bruises when you join the circus.
  • [18:15] Think about how your target audience speaks.
  • [19:35] Join forums, social media, and really listen to them. Pick up their phrases.
  • [20:10] Vicky shares examples.
  • [21:30] Vicky talks about Donald Trump and his marketing strategy.
  • [23:40] There are people using the power of language for evil. Be aware of how they’re doing it.
  • [26:05] Learning how to speak the same language as your audience is not being fake or un-genuine.  

Mentioned in This Episode: http://www.businessforsuperheroes.com/
Article on Polari and anti-languages.

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