Episode 12: Do You Have a Growth Mindset or a Fixed Mindset?

Joe and I sit down to discuss the differences between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. I am currently listening to an audiobook titled Mindset by Carol Dweck and discuss some of the points the author makes in the book. Both Joe and I agree that working with someone with a fixed mindset is not only annoying but frustrating as well, because you know they have the ability to do it.  

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Key Points

  • [1:55] Let’s talk about mindset!
  • [2:25] Vicky was interviewed on the Renegade Recruiter and is happy with the outcome!
  • [2:45] Vicky talks about the biggest challenge she has had to overcome in the last few years.
  • [3:20] Did you know Vicky used to be a jerk? She doesn’t know why people are still friends with her.
  • [6:00] It’s not about being clever, it’s about working hard.
  • [6:35] People in a fixed mindset say ‘I can’t do that’ and it’s draining.
  • [7:40] We are able to learn and change.
  • [7:55] Having a growth mindset doesn’t mean you’re going to be endlessly cheerful all the time.
  • [9:40] Joe talks about Richard, one of the podcast’s listeners.
  • [11:00] It’s nice getting a positive email or a comment from someone.
  • [14:10] Joe works with someone who won’t take any risks.
  • [15:30] Vicky talks about Viki Shanks, an author.
  • [17:50] We spend too much time comparing ourselves to others.
  • [23:15] If you’ve never seen a Buster Keaton film, then you need to sort your life out!  

Mentioned in This Episode: http://www.businessforsuperheroes.com/ http://therenegaderecruiter.com/ Mindset by Carol Dweck Unravelled by Vikie Shanks

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