What’s your biggest regret?

Just a quickie this morning (oo-er).

Regret nothing, live your life to the fullest....and buy a copy of Business For Superheroes here.

Regret nothing, live your life to the fullest….and buy a copy of Business For Superheroes here.

Having failed to get out for a run on a gorgeous sunny morning the other weekend, I was sitting in bed with a cup of tea scrolling through Facebook and found this video.

It brought a tear to my eye.

So I thought I’d ask you: what’s your biggest regret? Do you have any?

I’ve been thinking about this, and aside from a few mistakes I made when I was younger, and a lost friendship, I don’t really regret anything. I don’t regret not doing anything, anyway.

My message this morning is simple: take your chances where you can. Don’t regret things undone. You only get one shot at this crazy life, so live it – and live it to the full. Do the things that scare you, the things that excite you, the things that you don’t think you can do.

Watch the video. Look at what all the messages had in common: things people hadn’t done.

Here’s something else you don’t want to regret: reading my book, Business For Superheroes You can but the hard copy here, or the Kindle version here



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