If Carlsberg did posters…

Is it stormy where you are? Be careful out there – I was lulled to sleep last night by the sound of the wind and rain battering the windows (which I love).

It’s still pretty swirly this morning, too. Noodle is most disapproving of the whole situation.

Anyway – that’s not really what I wanted to share with you this morning. While I was gently snoozing, I remembered an email that Helen (one of my subscribers) sent to me a couple of weeks ago. She said:

“I saw this and thought of you for quirky ways of getting noticed. It would be interesting to see how much it cost Carlsberg to provide free beer for 24hrs versus advertising in all the mentioned firms.”

Carlsberg poster - Probably The Best Poster in The World

A great example of how big businesses, unlike yours, don’t need measurable ad campaigns.

This is the advert in question – and I, too, was interested in the ROI they’d get from it.

There’s no question that it’s a fantastic attention-grabber and talking point. And I have no doubt at all that they’ll have converted a few non-Carlsberg drinkers into Carlsberg drinkers… but as for calculating ROI, it’s a toughie because there’s really no way to measure sales directly.

Which is what you need to remember when you see advertising stunts like this one. Do not misunderstand me here: I’m not knocking it. I think it’s great… for a huge company like Carlsberg. They can afford to spend on brand advertising like this and it will more than likely do them some good.

But if you, as a small business owner, tried the same thing – it would be extraordinarily expensive. Unless you made a few minor alterations, starting with requesting your email address, postal address, and/or phone number in return for your free beer.

Or providing beer mats with a CTA on them.

Or encouraging drinkers to give you their details in some other way.

My point, here, is to look at these cool ads and discover not just how you could do something similar for your business – but how you could adapt and improve it so it becomes a direct response ad that you can test, measure, and improve so you know the ROI. Big businesses like Carlsberg do not use the same strategies as you, and what they do will rarely work for you.

And remember: likes and shares on Facebook and Twitter are not sales. If that’s your goal – to get more likes and shares – you’re mental. Your goal should be a return on your advertising investment, or it’s just money chucked in the air.



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P.S. In my book, Business For Superheroes, I show you some ways you can advertise your business which do allow for measuring ROI. You can get a copy here.

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