Episode 15: Better Call Saul – Legal Advice for Criminals

Joe and I sit down for another engaging episode on the Business for Superheroes podcast. I first go into a little pet peeve I have with people who claim to be copywriters when in fact they’re just writers. The key difference between the two is that copywriters have to include an element of psychology and persuasion into their content, whereas writers do not. Joe and I also discuss business lessons you can learn from the TV show Breaking Bad.  

On this podcast for small business owners and other creative professionals, I share valuable insights on becoming a successful copywriter and business owner.

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Key Points

  • [2:45] Vicky has a waiting list for her potential clients, right now.
  • [4:25] Someone on Facebook was looking for a copywriter. Out of curiosity, Vicky checked out the candidates and she found the copy from their websites were absolutely horrid.
  • [4:50] Not everyone can be a copywriter.
  • [5:05] A copywriter doesn’t just write. They know how to use psychology and persuasion. 
  • [5:30] Hang around people who are better than you and you will become better at your craft.
  • [10:20] You have to look out for yourself before you can look out for anyone else.
  • [13:50] Let’s talk Meth.
  • [14:15] Vicky and Joe love Breaking Bad and talk on some of the key business lessons you can learn from Walter himself. 
  • [19:15] Vicky genuinely recommends watching Breaking Bad if you own a business.
  • [21:50] In order for your product to be good, you need to do your research and you need to be good at what you do.
  • [22:05] If you’re doing too many things at once, it ends up diluting everything.
  • [23:25] Watch Breaking Bad if you haven’t already!
  • [23:55] Shout out to Aaron who is listening to the podcast.
  • [25:00] Feel free to email Vicky anytime!   

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