Episode 16: How to Charge Your Clients More

It was Vicky’s birthday on Monday and she received tons of letters and concerns over Joe’s gift choices (he gave her a chainsaw). One of the happy birthday letters she received was from James, who asked Vicky how to make correct assessments on what to charge. This letter is what sparked today’s conversation about knowing what to charge and finding out what you’re really worth.

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Key Points

  • [0:40] Noodle joins us on today’s podcast!
  • [0:55] It was Vicky’s birthday yesterday and Joe bought her a chainsaw.
  • [2:25] Hi James! You’re now the subject of the podcast.
  • [3:10] Want a copy of Vicky’s book? Feel free to email her and she might send it to you for free.
  • [4:25] How much should you charge?
  • [5:40] You can’t possibly charge if you don’t know what the project is.
  • [6:30] People going to you for a problem, often don’t really know what the real problem is.
  • [9:35] Most agencies will treat you like a commodity.
  • [10:50] The problem with working with agencies is that they already ‘know’ what you’re worth.
  • [11:45] You can learn a lot from agencies though, like how to work with clients and the overall industry.
  • [11:55] If you want to earn more money, then you’ll have to leave an agency.
  • [12:30] As an independent freelancer, you’re not working for somebody, you’re working with them.
  • [13:40] Who does Vicky work with and why?
  • [17:20] Do what you do best. Work with your strengths.
  • [22:30] James! What kind of clients do you want to attract?
  • [26:40] Double check your website and the kind of message you’re putting out there.
  • [26:45] Word of mouth is still the best way to get great clients.
  • [28:35] Want a copy of Vicky’s book? Send her a haiku.

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