Punch your prospects in the nuts!

Would you like to be able to write better headlines?

Statements that’ll punch your prospects in the nuts (in a nice way)? 

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Learn how to write attention-grabbing headlines courtesy of trashy magazines!

Sure you would, right? We all would. So today I’m going to share with you two pretty splendid resources – and they’re freeeeeeeeee! First one comes courtesy of awful women’s magazines. Look through Cosmo covers.

Turn off your outrage antennae and ignore the horrendous messages they’re pumping out at young women – and instead study their headlines because these people are masters of writing headlines that sell magazines. They have to be. They’re paid very well to do it, and they are excellent at their jobs.

If you want to sell magazines, you gotta write amazing headlines.

The second resource comes courtesy of Oli Luke, marketeer extraordinaire and Northern Monkey. He pointed me in the direction of Popurls, which is a most marvellous invention. Go here and take a look.

Someone has created a bot that gathers together all the most visited social news sites and portals and lists all the headlines that got people to click on the links.

This is real-time feedback about headlines that are working right now, and it’s gold.

Do not copy this stuff word-for-word (that be crazy) – but do look at it. Look at the structure of the headlines that get clicks, that sell magazines. Dig in and find out which emotional chains they’re yanking – and how they’re doing it. Then go write some great headlines yourself. Test ’em all. See what works.

Speaking of testing, in my book Business For Superheroes  I go into some more detail about why it’s so important for your business, as well as information on how to grow what you’re doing.

Amazingly simple stuff. Simple but effective. No “ninja tricks” or magic buttons here, folks. Just good, solid, practical advice.

I’d tune in if I were you…



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