Hob-ow tobo cob-nob-ect wob-ith yob-our cob-ustob-mers

Did you have a secret language as a kid? My brother and I did. It was called Haigey-Paigey (I’d forgotten about that until literally just this second as I write this). 

Learn to speak your customers' language and you'll see great results.

Learn to speak your customers’ language and you’ll see great results.

We also spoke Obby-Dobby and Pig Latin.

Joe apparently didn’t have any secret languages at all, because he was the youngest of six, so the rest of them had a language and talked about him… or so he claims. They formed a clique; a group; and that language helped to knit them together.

Ever been in a room with a bunch of foreigners talking amongst themselves, and felt left out? Or even self-conscious because perhaps they’re talking about you?

I think everyone has.

Because language ties us together… or excludes us, depending on the situation.

And it evolves. It’s fascinating, really. New words crop up all the time, to the endless bafflement of the older generation.

I mean, take bouncebackability. That’s a great word, made up by a football pundit a few years ago.

And unfuckwithable, made up by Ash Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project, whom I have a total girl-crush on.

Language is important to you, too, as a marketer and business owner. More to the point, your customers’ language is important to you. REALLY important.

Wanna know why?

It could be profitable for you…

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Don’t miss it. It’s a good ‘un.



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