Episode 19: Stop Wasting Your Time On Facebook!

Joe and I discuss some of the marketing benefits of social media and also why social media for business can be such a fine line. You can spend quite a bit of productive time promoting your business on Facebook; however Facebook can distract you from the bigger picture and turn that productive time into wasted time. Tune in to hear my thoughts on how to properly manage this.

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Key Points

  • [1:15] Joe and Vicky are recording at Joe’s office, without drinks in their hands!
  • [3:50] Facebook is a massive time suck!
  • [4:30] Vicky plans to install an app that will help her block FB/social media until a certain time.
  • [5:15] Facebook time is not productive time.
  • [6:15] Social media marketing can be really, really stupid.
  • [6:50] Facebook as a business tool though? It can sometimes be a fine line.
  • [8:25] Vicky explains why social media marketing bothers her.
  • [10:15] Facebook is not about selling, it’s about engaging with your audience.
  • [11:20] What’s Return On Investment (ROI)?
  • [14:15] You have to get ROI on your marketing or you’re wasting your money.
  • [14:20] The problem with social media is that you don’t know if it’s working.
  • [15:00] People misidentify activity on social media for actual ‘buys’.
  • [16:20] Let’s talk about life time customer value for a moment.
  • [19:00] Before you do anything, work out your life time customer value first.
  • [19:50] How much do you currently spend on your business?
  • [21:00] After you’ve done the math, is 500 quid to acquire a customer really all that expensive?
  • [22:45] Conclusion: always know your numbers.
  • [24:20] Vicky recommends not doing Google ads yourself.
  • [25:30] Email lists are key because they’re yours. Google/Facebook/etc doesn’t own it.
  • [27:10] Stay tuned for next week’s show!

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