Episode 21: Why You Should Listen To Donald Trump

I share another insightful episode with my husband Joe on specific things that Trump is doing to grab attention during his Presidential candidacy. Do not ignore Trump because he irritates you, he is an excellent marketer and there are powerful branding lessons you can learn from him.

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Key Points

  • [1:10] Let’s talk about Donald Trump.
  • [2:05] The entire UK is surprised that Trump has gotten this far.
  • [2:15] What are we watching?!
  • [4:25] Let’s take a look at the people who have won the Presidential election in the past.
  • [4:35] People are predicting Trump is going to win the election because he is the most charismatic person.
  • [4:40] Obama and the Presidents before him had more charisma than their peers.
  • [6:40] Trump pretty much doesn’t care what other people think, which is a bit refreshing. 
  • [7:15] That’s one powerful lesson you can take away from Trump: Be Yourself.
  • [7:35] Don’t want to watch him because you can’t stand him? That’s foolish. You need to study him.
  • [9:30] Humans are lazy. We’ll always take the path of least resistance.
  • [9:45] There’s so much stupidity on Facebook.
  • [13:00] It doesn’t matter what Trump says, it’s the way he says it.
  • [14:00] Being the same as everybody else is not one of the things Trump gets criticized for.
  • [15:15] Words matter and the way Trump uses them is very, very powerful.
  • [16:45] Use short and simple words if you want to make someone do something.
  • [17:45] Mark Cuban likes Trump because he gives honest answers as opposed to prepared answers.
  • [18:25] Vicky, too, would much rather hear honest answers from politicians than a prepared answer.
  • [23:05] Trump knows his audience.
  • [25:35] Next podcast there will be no Joe! [26:00] Vicky would rather stick pins in her eyes than go networking. Next week’s guest will try to convince her otherwise.  

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