Meet Toby the rescue ferret!

Big charities get all the headlines. The Air Ambulance, Coastguard, Save the Children, the WWF, and all the rest. Which is not a bad thing, but it does mean the smaller charities suffer from a lack of exposure. 

Brown ferret sitting in grass

Ferrets instead of rescue Rescue dogs, an excellent PR campaign.

Of course, like any small business, it’s up to them to create their own stories, market themselves well, and bring in the moolah.

But it’s tough. Because there are so many of them (too many, in my humble opinion, because there’s so much crossover that resources are spread way thinner than they should be).

Every now and then, though, one of the smaller charities does something amazing… like West Mercia Search & Rescue. This is one of those charities that does endless good work, but most people don’t know about them. They do the inland stuff. They look for missing people in the lowlands and in and around inland water courses. Mountain Rescue gets all the knickers thrown at them, but Lowland Rescue tick along quietly.

Many, many people go missing every week, and these guys and gals are the ones who go looking for them.

Together with their search dogs.

And now, their search ferrets. Which is just bloody awesome.

This is how to get yourself some great PR. Do something unusual. Set your sights and ambitions on the unrealistic. I mean, search and rescue ferrets? Who knew?

Their tracking skills are apparently comparable to those of dogs, but they’re much quicker to train than dogs. Which means less money spent per animal, which means more resources for the charity which copes solely on donations.

You can read the full story here – then I’d love it if you could make a wee donation. This is one of my favourite charities, partly because my friend Andy volunteers with them and because Joe has expressed an interest too. Partly because it’s one of those good causes that is absolutely essential, but that we never hear about.

Talk about the ferret! Spread the word! You can find them on Facebook too, here.



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