Episode 22: The Fine Art of Sticking Pins in Your Eyes

Today’s podcast is without Joe! Instead, I am interviewing Graham Todd, the Group Leader for 4Networking. Graham explains why 4Networking is different than your typical networking event and how this particular networking group can benefit you and your business. I’ve had bad experiences with networking groups and would rather put pins in my eyes than go out to these events!  

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Key Points

[1:10] What does Graham do? [2:25] Because of 4Networking, Graham will be speaking at The Business Show in London. [3:50] Vicky hates going to network meetings. It was just people hustling each other.  [4:20] Graham agrees with Vicky. It can be quite terrible. [5:50] Vicky feels like networking events are so fake and filled with people looking to fulfill their own personal gain. [6:25] Graham breaks down how 4Networking works. [8:00] Is this a bit like speed dating? [9:30] You’re not going to get instant relationships when you network. You will have to cultivate them. [11:30] Vicky is slowly being converted to the dark side. [11:45] Thinking about going to a networking event for the first time? Listen to Graham’s advice here. [13:45] How would someone accurately prepare for their first network meeting? [15:45] What is Graham’s 40-second elevator pitch? [17:10] Don’t miss the opportunity. Your pitch is like a powerful headline. [18:45] Vicky’s unique hook is that she ran away with the circus. [20:45] What’s the best networking tip Graham has heard? Just fucking do it! [22:10] Feel free to contact Graham and let him know you want to join! [22:20] 4Networking is all over the UK.  

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