Episode 26: Screw Professionalism

I discuss a conversation that stirred up in my Inner Circle about ‘being professional’ to a client who, quite frankly, is a complete twat and treats his freelancer like dirt. I say screw professionalism. Life’s too short to have horrible clients under your belt! If they’re making you unhappy, if they’re not paying you, ditch them!  

On this podcast for small business owners and other creative professionals, I share valuable insights on becoming a successful copywriter and business owner.

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Key Points

  • [1:40] A shout out to Keith from Vicky’s inner circle!
  • [2:30] Joe reads out what Lyn said in the inner circle. 
  • [2:55] Do you have an anti-avatar? An outline of the client you know you should avoid?
  • [3:40] Awful clients know exactly what they’re doing to be jerks.
  • [5:15] Despite knowing how awful the client is, Lyn doesn’t want to drop him.
  • [6:05] If someone’s not paying you, why continue working with them?
  • [7:00] The customer is quite frequently a twat.
  • [7:25] Client/Freelancer relationships are a partnership, not a hierarchy.
  • [8:20] What is professionalism? Vicky defines it.
  • [11:45] The moment you give a discount off the full price, you cheapen your services.
  • [14:00] Life’s too short to have awful clients. Ditch them! It’s easier than you think.
  • [16:00] There are no rules when it comes to running a business.
  • [18:15] An inner circle is so helpful by giving you the encouragement you need from people who have been there before.
  • [18:35] Vicky shares a story on why you should always listen to your gut.
  • [26:35] Don’t let other people run your own business.  

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