Episode 28: Find Your Customers’ Dog Poo

This is a followup on last week’s conversation about sketchy marketers using ‘ninja tricks’ to fool their audience. Joe and I discuss what the AIDCA acronym means and why you should always apply it to every article you write. I share my personal tricks on what makes a good article catchy, honest, and engaging.  

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Key Points

  • [6:00] Vicky does a quick recap of last week’s episode.
  • [6:45] After the podcast, go to www.tinyurl.com/bfs-ninja.
  • [8:20] This week Vicky is expanding on her topic of non-ninja marketing tricks you need.
  • [10:05] Joe explains the ‘AIDCA’ acronym – Attention, Interest, Desire, Conviction, Action.
  • [11:25] Every article you write needs to have AIDCA.
  • [13:40] A good article has a compelling headline that screams out a specific problem. [15:00] You need to find your customers’ dog poo.
  • [15:40] Don’t be clever or funny with your headline.
  • [16:25] Don’t do click bait titles either!!!
  • [17:35] Marketers are starting to use click bait titles, but it creates distrust.
  • [18:55] Once you’ve got their attention, you have to move on to the interest.
  • [20:55] Don’t be boring. If you follow this formula, it’ll be difficult to become boring.
  • [21:10] Did you know, this podcast would make you not boring!!
  • [21:25] Don’t make people say, ‘so what?’ when reading your article.
  • [22:25] What makes you special compared to your competitor?
  • [23:45] Why do you choose specific brands when you do your shopping? What makes those brands special?
  • [24:25] You’ll have to come back next week for a detailed explanation on the Conviction and Action part of the acronym!  

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