Episode 29: Auntie AIDA Strikes Back

I am disgusted about the racism that has come out of the woodwork since the Brexit decision. I encourage everyone to stand up against it as it should not be supported or ignored by any means necessary. I also dive into what you can learn about the Brexit decision on a business level later in the show. But politics aside, Vicky and I continue our conversation from last week about the AIDCA acronym and what it means for your marketing.

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Key Points

  • [1:45] Vicky is sad/angry about the Brexit.
  • [2:40] Vicky doesn’t recognize the country she lives in right now. Lots of racists have come out of the woodwork.
  • [4:05] Stand against racism.
  • [5:00] Last week we left you hanging on the AIDA/AIDCA acronym.
  • [7:30] If you want to know what not to do? Look at the yellow pages. The adverts are boring!
  • [11:25] What does Joe do to attract clients?
  • [12:10] Vicky shares what she does to attract clients.
  • [16:20] People will be worried about being ripped off.
  • [16:35] Vicky never guarantees results when she is marketing because there’s no legitimate way to do so.
  • [16:55] Address your customers’ concerns before they do.
  • [18:10] Seems simple, but you have to ask for Action.
  • [19:15] Reiterate to your potential customer the consequences of not taking action and why they must do it with you.
  • [20:10] You don’t need weird and sketchy marketing tricks to get people to buy from you.
  • [20:40] Why do you pick the products that you pick at the supermarket? Think about it and then translate that conversation into your business.
  • [22:10] What lessons can be learned from Brexit?
  • [24:55] Throwing logic and facts at someone who is emotional isn’t going to work.
  • [25:55] Vicky believes this has done a lot of damage to the British economy.
  • [27:55] Thanks for listening!

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