If Carlsberg did job applications…

The other day I stumbled across what is possibly the best job application in the history of the modern world. 

line of pencils facing drawn boxes, one pencil facing opposite direction facing a drawn red heart

Dare to be different, stand out and show people why they should choose you.

There are a ton of marketing and business lessons to take from this, because in the end a job application is nothing more than a marketing exercise, and your cover letter is a sales letter.

If you’re in the service industry – a copywriter, designer, web developer, consultant – you should definitely take a look at this.

A CV (or resume) is necessarily all about the applicant… but by turning his CV into an issue of GQ magazine, Sumakh Mehta made it all about them. He showed off his skills in the context of what they can do for GQ. Impressive stuff.

Most people wouldn’t even consider doing something like this, let alone going to all the trouble of actually doing it. Which is why most people will never live up to their potential. Same with business owners.

Mehta got the job, in case you were wondering. Or at least, once he’s jumped through the bureaucratic hoops, he has a job waiting for him in the UK. They’re lucky to have him.

This GQ job application is the perfect example of how to stand out among a sea of sameness without going full-on pencils-up-your-nose-and-pants-on-your-head. It’s a brilliant demonstration of what he can do for them.

It’s exactly the kind of thing I encourage people to do in my book, Business For Superheroes.

You should try it, too.



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