Episode 32: Offshore or DIE!

Today I invite Mark and Cherry Cuttle on the show. Joe unfortunately could not join them for this week’s call, however they do discuss something incredibly important that all business owners should look into – outsourcing. Why and when should you outsource? Mark discusses some of the benefits.  

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Key Points

  • [1:10] Mark is an accountant but he hasn’t done any accounting in about 2 and a half years.
  • [1:40] Mark decided to outsource his company to Philippine workers.
  • [2:30] Mark and his wife Cherry now help other companies do the same thing. 
  • [6:30] Why do companies outsource?
  • [7:00] Companies are finding it hard to find talent.
  • [7:45] Cherry talks about what she does for the business.
  • [8:50] Their business is greatly growing!
  • [9:25] What can people even outsource in the first place?
  • [11:40] Make sure your outsourced team is documenting what they’re doing, so that you can use their work as training materials in the future.
  • [17:25] Vicky recommends all her inner-circle members document every single second of their day so they can see where they waste their time. Facebook is a huge time suck!
  • [18:05] Most of what you’re currently doing can be done by someone else. They could even do it better than you.
  • [21:00] Although Vicky does not have anyone in the Philippines right now, she does have someone working for her. An extra set of hands is incredibly helpful.
  • [21:20] Feel like you can’t let go of something? Let go of one thing as a start.
  • [21:40] Upwork can be a bit hit or miss, but if you want to test this outsourcing idea out, try websites like Upwork.  

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