Episode 33: How To Be An Entrepreneur With Mega-Skillz

In today’s episode, I showcase the perfect example of a dedicated entrepreneur. ShaoDow is a rapper with no label, no manager, and yet he was still able to sell over 20,000 albums on his own. How? He’s dedicated. He understands his audience and makes the effort to go out there and physically meet his fan base. This man is so dedicated that he even learned French so he could expand his reach.

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Key Points

  • [3:00] Vicky finally got to use her chainsaw!
  • [5:05] Vicky talks about the rapper ShaoDow.
  • [7:00] Good artists are very hard working and business savvy people.
  • [8:35] ShaoDow has sold over 20,000 albums, despite not having a manager or a label.
  • [11:35] You have to work at your craft every single day.
  • [13:25] You have to get off the couch and sell yourself.
  • [14:50] It’s a scary thing to own your own business, but the rewards make it worth it.
  • [18:30] Don’t work on projects you don’t enjoy.
  • [23:00] There’s nothing wrong with marketing your product to someone who can benefit from it.
  • [24:50] No matter what you’re selling, identify your fan base and who you’re selling to.
  • [26:00] ShaoDow puts in the effort and actually goes out of his way to meet his fans.
  • [26:10] He taught himself how to speak French, just so he can build his support base abroad.
  • [28:10] Hey! Did you know you can borrow Vicky’s brain for 30 mins on Skype? Follow link in the show notes.  

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