Dignified lighting at the House of Commons

Vintage ads. I love ’em.

Here’s one for B.E.L.L. Decorative Lamps from 1953, from the Daily Mail (yes, I know) commemorative Coronation supplement.

Photo of an old fashioned typewriter

Vintage ads can teach us a thing or two about copywriting that sells.

Dignified lighting at the House of Commons

B.E.L.L. Decorative Lamps are a fitting choice for the beautiful chandeliers in the St. Stephen’s Crypt of the House of Commons, their soft light maintaining the dignity of this historic setting.

In your home, too, these Decorative Lamps give an air of ‘friendliness’ and charm.

Ask to see B.E.L.L. Decorative Lamps at your local Electrical Shop or write for fully illustrated brochure.

A few of the techniques it uses…

  • Social proof: if it’s good enough for the posh nobs at the House of Commons, it’s good enough for you
  • Snob appeal: chandeliers, no less!
  • Aspiration: an air of friendliness and charm
  • CTA: write for a brochure — fully illustrated
  • Image: shows the bulb on its on and in use in a chandelier

Fails: no caption on the image reiterating the CTA, and difficult-to-read writing where it covers the image

This is my very brief look at a vintage ad. I’ve no idea how successful it was, so I can’t say whether it’s good or not… but it won’t have been cheap and I suspect B.E.L.L. wouldn’t have run such ads if they didn’t think they worked.



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