What Stonehenge was REALLY for…

The things you ponder when you’re eating poached eggs. 

Photograph of Stonehenge under a bright blue summery sky with some white clouds

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We had friends staying the other weekend – Jenn and Phil – and while we were having freshly laid poached eggs for breakfast, we got to talking about how we’ve managed to put people on the Moon, but still not figured out a foolproof method of cooking perfect soft-boiled eggs.

You know, eggs you have with dippy soldiers.

And the conversation turned to the idea that if we could bring a Stone Age person back to the future, to today, we could have that conversation.

“So, boiled eggs, huh?”

“Yeah! They’re either too hard, or the white is a bit snotty. Tough.”

“Exactly. We’ve put a man on the Moon, and we still can’t figure it out.”

“Wait, what? You’ve put a man on the Moon? That Moon? Up there?”


“And you’ve still not figured out boiled eggs?”

“Nope. How did you guys do it?”

“Well, you know Stonehenge…?”


“Way! If we wanted soft-boiled eggs, the kids would run around the outer circle once, and the inner circle once. Medium-boiled, they’d go round the inner circle twice. Hard-boiled, they’d do both the outer and the inner circle twice, then they’d do 20 press-ups.”

“Wow. We’ve been wondering what Stonehenge was for like hundreds of years.”

So, if you’ve ever wondered what Stonehenge was for… you’re welcome.

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