Episode 36: Business Banter with Dom Hodgson

Today Dom Hodgson – a dog walker from my Inner Circle – and I conduct a bit of business banter on today’s show. Dom launched his own book and I share creative tips on how he (and others) can leverage it. Also, final tip, there’s a lot of trial and error to owning a business, which is why you should hire someone who is smarter than you!  

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Key Points

  • [0:55] Welcome Dom!
  • [1:30] Who is Dom and what does he do?
  • [3:15] What makes Dom different from other dog walker?
  • [7:05] What plans does Dom have for in the future?
  • [10:40] Dom has just finished his book! What’s it about?
  • [11:30] Why did Dom write a book?
  • [12:55] How’s the book doing now that it has been released?
  • [14:45] People who read Vicky’s book are much more likely to buy from her.
  • [16:10] Vicky wonders who stressful it is for marketing people who have large lists.
  • [20:25] If you can get your audience to opt-in as they’re buying the book, you can leverage your list even further.
  • [20:35] What advice does Dom have for those who are just starting out?
  • [21:00] If Dom’s business didn’t work out, he’d still be doing what he’s currently doing.
  • [24:35] Thanks for listening everyone and stay tuned for next week’s episode!  

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