How to avoid becoming a corporate zombie

Have you ever heard the term corporate zombie? 

Photo of people in suits made up as zombies.

Don’t let your business turn into a corporate zombie. You have to make time for marketing

For me, it conjours up images of shambling businessmen with rotting skin and flappy torn clothing roaming the glass halls of Canary Wharf, living off the barely conscious brains of exhausted interns.

How about you? Just me?

Okay. Well, a corporate zombie is a company that has more liabilities than assets. It’s generating just enough cash to service its debts and pay suppliers, but nothing else.

And there are thousands and thousands of them out there, companies large and small, freelancers and sole traders, just struggling to hold their heads above water. I think you’ll agree, that’s not living; it’s existing.

It’s hard, it’s stressful, and it’s no fun.

Bumping along from month to month, hoping you’ll have enough cash to pay your debts and your suppliers is no way to run a business.

When I first started, I didn’t really have debts – or not business debts, anyway; but I only just managed to cover the basics. Sometimes I barely paid myself. It sucked.

If this sounds familiar, if you’re stuck on a hellish merry-go-round of working madly to just cover your outgoings, something needs to change.

I had an email the other day from someone who’d downloaded the free chapter of my book, and they hadn’t started reading it yet. They were ‘too busy’ in the business. The thing is, though, if you can’t even spare 15 minutes to read something that might help you be less busy and make more money, you’re doing it wrong.

You have to make time for marketing. Have to. Or you’ll carry on struggling to make ends meet.

It’s a bit of a vicious circle, to be sure; but it’s a circle worth breaking.

Let me help you. Consider this email to be your sledgehammer: take it to your vicious circle, smash a hole in it, and step out of it. Grab a copy of my book to learn how.




Vicky Fraser is a copywriter, author, and entrepreneur. She really did run away with the circus… but when she’s not swinging from a trapeze, she’s showing other copywriters and small business owners how to work with better clients, make more money, and stop missing bathtimes, first words, and dinners with angry partners. In fact, she wrote the book on it. Get your copy here.


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