Why I should have measured twice, so I had to cut only once…

I do love a good proverb. Language is fascinating, and old sayings can tell you a lot about a culture, an area, and the people who lived there. 

Pair of dressmakers scissors and a measuring tape.

Measure twice, cut once. Don’t jump straight in without thinking, that’s when mistakes happen.

Of course, sometimes proverbs are utter elephant poo – like the old saying:

A barking dog never bites.

Which any fool knows, with a second’s thought, is tripe.

Many proverbs, though, do reflect a little wisdom. Like:

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Or, my favourite today:

Measure twice, cut once.

Because yesterday, I measured once and cut twice. More fool me and my impatience to get stuff done fast. In the end it took me twice as long.

You probably know I offer unlimited critiques free of charge to my Inner Circle Members. (Well, included in their Membership fees.) You might not know I also offer them to anyone who wants to ping me £300 + VAT.

Well, yesterday I was recording a follow-up critique for Adrian, who’d taken advantage of a special offer I had on a while ago. Yes – you get great value with these critiques because not only do I dig right into the marketing piece, dissect it, and show you where you can improve, I also answer follow-up questions.

Anyway – I was recording a follow-up video, answering all his questions in detail, and was quite pleased with myself. Another task well done. Until I opened up Camtasia to edit and convert the video and found there was no soundtrack.

Yep: my microphone had been on mute and I hadn’t noticed. The ridiculous thing is, all I had to do was look at it, because the mute button flashes red. Doh!

20 minutes down the drain, and I had to do it again. Which is when I started to lose my voice. So if I’d only checked everything very briefly, I’d not have had to record the thing twice. Which means I’d have had enough voice left to do the teleclass yesterday.

A catalogue of errors that I could have avoided if only I’d measured twice…



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PS Not ready to ask me for a critique? Why not Borrow My Brain instead.  Julian borrowed my brain a few days ago, and had this to say:

“Tough question to answer. On one hand it’s early days, as the stuff we talked about can’t be implemented in a day (or even soon). On the other hand, talking to you has very much changed the way I look at the problem (scaling my business). I can see now that the thing that was preventing me from going forward was not thinking outside of the box. I was too focused on doing more of what I’m already doing, and not looking for other (easier to scale) opportunities.

“I really liked having you do the thinking for me and walking away with specific, actionable ideas. If you’ve got a problem in your business that you’re not sure how to solve, talk to Vicky.

“Oh, and I was pretty impressed that you seemed to have thought about my question ahead of time and prepared answers.”

Then Jane borrowed my brain – and immediately afterwards joined my Inner Circle. Plus she sent me a beautiful box of goodies, which will appear in a video this week…

Anyway – you can grab a spot here

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