Episode 37: When Someone Offers You Exposure, Moon Them

Joe is back for this podcast episode! Joe and I discuss the somewhat grey area of working for free. There are only four particular scenarios where you should really work for free, but everything outside of that, well frankly, you should moon the person asking you for free work in exchange for ‘exposure’. Pull down your pants and moon them! These people are often manipulators who are out to take advantage of you.  

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Key Points

  • [1:50] The chickens are hiding their eggs and both Vicky and Joe are having to do a scavenger hunt to eat them.
  • [4:20] Write for free in exchange for exposure? How about…not…
  • [9:00] To be clear, Vicky doesn’t have a problem with the Huffington Post’s business model.
  • [9:05] Vicky does have a problem when people ask for stuff for free.
  • [9:45] If someone comes up to you and asks you to work for free, don’t do it.
  • [11:00] Joe asks if Vicky is speaking from a point of privilege by this point, because she’s already established and doesn’t need the ‘free’ exposure?
  • [12:35] Vicky remembers very clearly when she had no money and no clients.
  • [15:00] Vicky tries to answer every email she receives, but some people are just really rude and filled with entitlement.
  • [16:25] When friends ask you to do work for free, they’ve overstepped on your friendship boundaries.
  • [19:00] People think it’s acceptable to ask for free things from creative types, but can you imagine if the industries were changed? Can you imagine asking for free haircuts or food at nice restaurants?
  • [19:25] We stop this broadcast for a brief moment due to Vicky and Joe’s crazy neighbor.
  • [21:20] Please write for me for free and when my business is successful, you’ll have more work! What a scam!
  • [22:35] When you’re first starting out and you’re struggling, Vicky understands that it can be very tempting to take what comes along.
  • [22:55] Okay, so when is it appropriate to work for free?
  • [28:35] Remember! Vicky has her event in November and you don’t want to miss it.  

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