I have a confession to make.

Not a big one, but a confession nonetheless. You see, I reckon your goal on most of your webpages should be to capture people’s information. Definitely their first name and email address, but if possible their physical address and phone number too. 

Peacock calling.

You don’t need to be obvious and desperate when asking people to give you their email addresses.

I always advise people to ask often, because mostly readers don’t pay attention.

But perhaps I wasn’t specific enough.

Then, the other day, I saw this site – and it made me chortle.

It’s somebody’s (obviously massively exaggerated) example of what many people’s lead generation pages feel like. Desperate grabs for the email address at every single opportunity (and at weird, awkward moments, too).

Obnoxious pop-ups. Yes, I know they work, and yes, I know they can improve conversions… but they make me feel icky. They piss me off. So I don’t do the stuff that makes me not feel like me, just because it’ll kidnap one more unsuspecting subscriber.

So, ask for people’s details… but don’t make it so obvious. Don’t be desperate. Don’t be that toddler clinging to the grownup’s legs as they try to get away.

The people who like the look of you, who like what you’re saying and want to hear more, they’ll stick around and happily give you their email address.

If you have to resort to the kind of tactics that look like that green page, they’re not the right ones for you anyway. Or you’re not convincing anyone.

There are other things you can do to encourage people to give you their email addresses.


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