Episode 40: How To Really Enjoy Your Business

This week I invite Sean D’Souza, from Psychotactics, onto the show. Sean has been living in New Zealand for the last 16 years, but grew up in India. What’s fantastic about Sean is that he offers a breath of fresh air in a word filled with immediate results. Sean discusses why feedback is so, so important to your success and shares a great and fun lesson from Calvin and Hobbes about tuna sandwiches, so stay till the end!  

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Key Points

  • [0:55] Unfortunately Joe is not here to join us!
  • [1:40] Who is Sean?
  • [5:05] Sean has lived in New Zealand for the last 16 years.
  • [8:35] What does success mean for Sean?
  • [12:35] What’s Sean’s ‘secret’?
  • [14:35] Why are Sean’s products so different from everyone else’s?
  • [19:15] It takes quite a long time to build the business that you want.
  • [20:15] So, what does Sean do?
  • [26:30] Sean really, really listens to user feedback.
  • [29:30] Sean gets around 100-600 pieces of feedback every year on his website alone.
  • [32:55] Feedback will help you get better and improve.
  • [35:00] Sean shares a Calvin and Hobbes story.
  • [36:10] Sometimes life is as simple as a tuna sandwich.
  • [36:45] So, audience, where is your tuna sandwich?
  • [37:55] What’s next for Sean?  

Mentioned in This Episode: www.psychotactics.com www.psychotactics.com/free/resistance-game The Brain Audit by Sean D’Souza The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle www.businessforsuperheroes.com www.businessforsuperheroes.com/inner-circle

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