Moon over Dingle

I woke up at 4.30 the other morning, incredibly thirsty… and looked out the window onto a silvery world of wonder.

Moonlight over the Dingle

Go outside and enjoy the beauty of moonlight. Don’t get too wrapped up in your life and fail to enjoy the little things.

I don’t think I’d ever seen moonlight quite so bright. The trees and the house were casting shadows onto the lawn, it was incredible. I didn’t need to turn one light on during my nocturnal wanderings. (We don’t really have any curtains yet.)

Moonlight’s a funny kind of light: it leaches the colour from everything and turns the world silvery-grey. Not the kind of dull grey you get when it’s raining; the kind of sparkly grey you get when you think of Narnia. Or when I think of Narnia, anyway.

Usually, waking up at 4.30am is kind of annoying. That morning, it was a real treat. I wish I’d gone out for a walk, because it was a rare opportunity to see the world entirely differently, to see the creatures that inhabit the night-time Dingle.

If it’s clear tonight, I will go for a walk in the moonlight.

You should too.

Or at least, go outside and look up. If you can get to somewhere with dark skies, even better. We’re very lucky, living here. We’re not plagued by 24/7 streetlamps that pollute our peace… but it’s still not as dark as I’d like it at night.

The darkest place I’ve ever been is a beach in Costa Rica, where night falls instantly. No real dusk or twilight; it’s so close to the equator, it’s daylight… then it’s suddenly not. It’s bizarre and cool. And very, very dark.

Enjoy your day. And I hope you got a good view of the Moon last night.




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PS By the way, have you seen some of the woo-bollocks circulating on the internet? Beautiful though last night’s Moon was and is, it’s just an extra-bright, 7% bigger Moon. Because the Moon was at its closest point to the Earth in its orbit. It’s not going to align your chakras or do any magic or give you special energy of any of that nonsense. Isn’t it enough just to appreciate the beauty of nature? It is for me. I just feel lucky that way.

In fact, the Moon will appear even bigger – but probably not noticeably so, unless you’re a really careful observer – next month, on November 14, when it’ll be even closer to us. And if you want to see it looking really large, check it out over the eastern horizon just after sunset. Due to the moon illusion it appears much bigger than it is. The moon illusion has nothing to do with atmospheric conditions or anything – it’s all in our heads. Funny old things, brains.

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