Episode 46: Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Joe and I continue our mini series on hostage negotiation tactics and dive into the subject of empathy! Last week, we covered some of the benefits of being a good listener, and this week you’ll learn how to turn your active listening skills into empathy by putting yourself in someone’s else’s shoes. I even play a song on this very subject, from Joe South and The Believers!

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Key Points

  • [3:45] Joe does a quick recap of the five stages of hostage negotiation.
  • [5:00] NYPD hostage negotiators are taught to spend 80% of their time listening and only 20% of their time talking.
  • [5:20] Joe spends about 50% of his time being a goldfish.
  • [8:35] If you want the hostage-taker to do what you want, he’s going to first have to like you.
  • [9:55] The point is, you need a little bit of empathy.
  • [10:15] Off topic: Vicky dropped her phone in the toilet…again.
  • [10:55] Vicky plays a song from Joe South and The Believers called Walk a Mile In my Shoes.
  • [12:35] If you listen to this song, it’s all about putting yourself in somebody else’s shoes for once and realizing you’re a dick!
  • [13:15] In order to effectively use empathy, you have to get in somebody’s head and in order to do that, you have to learn about them!
  • [15:40] So, what types of things tend to piss people off?
  • [16:40] What are Joe’s hot buttons? Pride in stupidity.
  • [17:25] Vicky hates when brands make the assumption that all women want pink things.
  • [18:10] Let Vicky and Joe know what gets you heated up!
  • [19:00] Make a note of what annoys your potential customers, the more you know, the more power you will have in convincing them you’re the better option!
  • [20:55] You need to understand what your customers care about and that’s not always as easy as it seems.
  • [21:25] You don’t just have to understand your clients, you have to get to know them.
  • [22:15] Bad marketing focuses on the ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’ aspect. Good marketing focuses on the customer’s pain and makes them the hero.
  • [24:00] Have a problem? Feel free to borrow Vicky’s brain.  

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