What I wish someone had told me when I first started writing








There’s something I wish I’d known when I first started writing. Learning to draw cartoons has reminded me of it. I’m learning to draw cartoons. I’m doing a 6 month course, actually. And I’m loving it, for the most part. Sometimes, though, it’s terribly frustrating…

Why doesn’t that cartoon look like the one I’m copying? Why doesn’t this character I’ve created look like the one in my head?

Why can’t I nail that phoenix in pole? (Phoenix is a pole move that’s stunning but so tricky.)

It was the same with writing. Why can’t I get that sentence to sound like the persuasive, compelling poetry I know it could be?

I’ve been writing for a looooong time now, so when I put the work in, I tend to nail it.

Why is that?

If you do something creative – and if you run a business of your own, you do do creative work – above is an excellent little video that might explain it.

It’s Ira Glass, who does This American Life podcast and radio show. You should listen. It’s a wonderful example of storytelling.



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