Episode 47: Trust Me, I’m A Rapport-Builder

Joe and I continue our hostage negotiation conversation! Although this episode covers step three, rapport building, Joe wonders if this series will ever end. This week, I cover the differences between empathy and rapport, how to convey rapport into your marketing, and why it’s a good thing to piss people off! Tune in next week for step four, which covers influence!  

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Key Points

  • [3:55] Vicky and Joe carry on with their hostage negotiation theme. Will it ever end?
  • [4:15] This week Vicky focuses on step three, which is building rapport!
  • [4:20] Joe does a quick recap of the five stages to a successful hostage negotiation.
  • [6:10] What’s the actual definition of rapport?
  • [10:00] This is not about selling to people who don’t want your service. It’s about selling to people who are already interested.
  • [12:35] Have you ever noticed somebody having a dull personality online, but when you meet them in person, they’re completely different? The way you sound in person needs to match the way you sound online.
  • [17:00] The people you really piss off with your marketing will not be your clients, and that’s a good thing!
  • [20:25] What are some of Vicky’s top ways to create rapport?
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