“We recommend eating your yoghurt with a fork”


Northern lights in our plane’s cabin!

Airline literature is all pretty much of a muchness, isn’t it? I mean the in-flight magazines and menus and things.

It’s pretty unappealing.

And I never feel like buying anything, because it’s all the same and it’s pretty unappealing.

Then, about this time last year, we flew to Iceland for a few days for Joe’s 40th birthday and experienced IcelandAir – a pretty small airline, as you can imagine, but full of personality.

I loved it – not least because the cabin lights were styled to look like the Northern Lights, which was just fab. But then I had a flip through their shopping menu to see what snacks were on offer – and not only was the food more tempting than most other airline food, the whole thing cracked me up. I took loads of pictures of the in-flight literature because it was funny.

“If you’re bored during your flight we recommend eating your yoghurt with a fork. That will take up some of your time. This tasty yoghurt is from one of Iceland’s 700 family-run farms.”

Their product descriptions were great. Look at these. And this. And this.

This is just one way you could stand out from your competitors, because most product descriptions are boring.

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