Have you been down the noodle mines?

Pot Noodles. Disgusting things, and yet… horribly compelling.


Every now and then, I get a Pot Noodle and I eat it. I enjoy about three-quarters of it, then I’m hit with profound regret.

But I’m not writing today to tell you about my shameful secret Pot Noodle habit. I’m writing because they’re pretty good at marketing themselves (Unilever, innit).

See, they’re made in Crumlin, in Wales – which is an old mining town. Obviously the mining industry is mostly no more – and many of the former miners went to work in the Pot Noodle factory.

Or, as they claim, the Noodle Mines.

They used the local history and culture to create a mythology around Pot Noodles… and a pretty funny advertising campaign.

Have a watch, and marvel at the underground wonders of the Noodle Mine. And the awesome Welsh singing.



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